Saying yes to a Life Worth Living
Saying yes to a Life Worth Living

Saying yes to a Life Worth Living

Welcome to Michael White Psychology Services

Mike believes that psychology is a joint effort between a person and their therapist. Psychology is not about labelling; it is about helping people understand their strengths and resilience.

Respect for the client’s personal and cultural knowledge is at the centre of the caring relationship. From that respect, change and improvement grow. Many mental health challenges have social and historical roots. With practice, clients can learn to move beyond the past toward a healthier life.

Anxiety and Mood

Develop strategies to help you face anxious situations directly and to improve your mood.

Learning Disabilities / Dyslexia

Understand the different skills that affect learning across the lifespan and develop a plan to improve learning in school and in life.

Childhood and Adult Trauma

Learn how current and past traumas can affect life and how to resolve traumatic events in a supportive, caring environment.

ADHD Management for Adults & Children

Recognize the impacts of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity in your daily life and how strategies can reduce difficulties and increase success.

Services Provided in Regina and Saskatchewan

In-person services are available in Regina. Remote services are available in Saskatchewan through secure Internet connections.